The Story

I am self-taught artist based on Sakhalin island, Russia. I have been drawing since I was little. I’ve never intended to make it a career so I didn’t go to art school. Drawing still remains my hobby. 

I find inspiration in music, art, photography, people around me and small everyday situations. My favorite art styles are surrealism and minimalism, sometimes combined. Minimalism lets me tell a lot without telling almost nothing at all. Surrealism helps me convey my deepest emotions and feelings through an image. 

I have switched to digital art as it gives more possibilities. I don’t see any difference between traditional and digital art. Idea and the final image are the most important, everything else is just the means of realization. 

Since 2021 I have been presenting my art works as NFT, you can find my drops on or

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Sincerely yours,

Elena Arkhipova